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At Core Medical Group, we have researched the most beneficial treatments for alleviating or reversing the negative effects of illness and achieving healthy aging. With the assistance of hormone replacement therapy, nutritional therapies, physician directed weight control and small lifestyle changes, we often witness dramatic improvements in a patient's health.

Core Medical Group’s holistic approach is to respect and take into account our patients’ preferences and needs; make sure our patients’ values guide all medical decisions; and support each individual’s expression of health and vitality. At Core, our patients are active participants in their health plan, feel more in control of their own well-being and are more likely to make lasting changes to their diet and exercise regimen to improve their health. We spend time with our patients, listen to carefully to their histories and look at the interactions among biological, environmental and lifestyle elements that can influence long-term health and complex, chronic disease. Our goal is to prevent and protect your body from damage and encourage it to heal itself.

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