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Intravenous Nutrient Therapy


IV Nutrient TherapyWhat is IV Nutrient Therapy?

IV Nutrient Therapy is the process of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients being administered directly into the bloodstream (intravenously infused) through an IV drip. It is a safe, powerful and innovative therapy that supports the resolution of many health problems such as infections, fatigue, heart disease and even cancer. For healthy individuals, IV Therapy is great for advancing health and preventing illness.

Typically, nutrients reach your cells through the process of digestion. Your gastrointestinal (GI) tract breaks down the food you eat or medication you swallow and passes the nutrients along to the blood through the lining of the GI tract. If your digestion is weak or if your gut cannot process high concentrations of a nutrient, your gut can become upset or merely excrete the nutrient without sending it along to the blood, where it can reach the cells that need it. When nutrients are infused directly into the bloodstream, they bypass the GI and are carried directly to the cells in need via the blood.

Intravenous treatments are exceptionally effective because they circumvent issues with oral administration, including stomach upset, absorption issues and loss of potency. In addition, very large doses can be administered via IV without gastrointestinal side effects, which can limit dosing. A perfect example of this is vitamin C, which can only be taken in fairly small amounts orally before causing stomach upset. In contrast, very large doses of vitamin C, which can be very beneficial for the immune system, can be administered safely and without stomach side effects with an intravenous delivery route.


What benefits does it offer?

In addition to anti-aging benefits and support of overall wellness, IV Therapy can positively impact many health conditions, including:

Chronic fatigue
Chronic pain & fibromyalgia
Headaches (including migraines)
Heart disease
High blood pressure
Infections (viral and bacterial)
Parkinson’s disease
Smoking cessation
Stroke rehabilitation

Often depression, anxiety, insomnia, chronic fatigue syndrome and other neurological disorders are helped immeasurably by this type of therapy.

Are there any complications from IV therapy?

The overwhelming majority of people can tolerate most IV Nutrient Therapies. Occasionally, an individual may have an allergy to a nutrient and therefore should not receive the injection with that nutrient. If you suffer from kidney or heart disease or high blood pressure, some of the nutrient IV’s may not be right for you. In these cases, CORE Medical Group can customize an IV therapy for patients with specific needs or allergies. The physicians and medical team at CORE Medical Group have had extensive training in the use and administration of IV Nutrient Therapy. Your physician will decide which, if any, of the protocols are right for you.

Generally, IV Nutrient Therapy is well tolerated with minimal occurrences of complications. Local complications such as pain or bruising at the site of injection can occur. In rare cases, swelling occurs if the IV fluid has leaked into the surrounding injection site tissue. Occasionally, a vein may become irritated or inflamed. This is called phlebitis. If there is pain, fever and redness streaking up from the site of injection within a few hours after the injection therapy, there may be an infection and your physician should be notified immediately. Most other local complications will resolve quickly with very little intervention.

Is IV Therapy covered by my medical insurance?

Most medical insurances do not cover IV Nutrient Therapy. However, medical flex plans do often reimburse you for IV therapy. Fees for IV Nutrient Therapy are variable depending on the substance and amount of time involved in dispensing these therapies. Therefore, payment at time of service is expected. A superbill receipt will be given to you for you to send to your insurance for reimbursement.

CORE IV Cocktail Menu


Core Platinum Cocktail

Our most popular IV Nutrient Therapy. Created by Dr. Michael Schmidt, Core Platinum Cocktail (similar but not identical to the Myers Cocktail developed by Dr. John Myers) is a proprietary combination of magnesium, calcium, Super – B complex, glutathione, zinc and vitamin C. Core Platinum is a 30 minute therapy designed to significantly improve energy levels and cell function. When energy levels are high and cells can function at their best, patients are more likely to recover from acute and chronic conditions. Patients report high levels of energy, mental clarity and improved sleep. This energy boost and overall sense of well-being can last for several days or weeks and can significantly improve a patient’s quality of life. Core Platinum can help strengthen the immune system as well, allowing patients who constantly get sick to effectively fight off viral or bacterial illnesses. Our Platinum therapy has been found to be a safe and effective treatment for a wide range of clinical conditions such as:

  • Asthma
  • Migraines
  • Allergies
  • Chronic Pain
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Acute Muscle Spasms
  • Boosts the Immune System
  • Rapid Recovery Assistance
  • Sleep Abnormalities
  • Hydration Deficiencies


Peak Performance Cocktail

Perfect for our ultra-active patients in need of immediate recovery or an endurance boost for competitive activities. Peak Performance Cocktail contains all the nutrients in our Platinum Cocktail, as well as chromium, folic acid, vitamin D, and taurine. A favorite of cyclists, marathon/long distance runners, mixed-martial artists, and our Cross-Fitters.

Rapid Rejuvenation Cocktail

Receive instant hydration and a high concentration blast of Super B-Complex vitamins from our Rapid Rejuvenation drip. Great for a mid-day energy boost that can linger for days.

Hangover Blaster

Though CORE Medical group does not advocate high consumption of alcohol, our Hangover Blaster is perhaps the only proven remedy for immediate relief after a long night of over-indulgence. Providing rapid hydration and immediate replenishment of electrolytes through the bloodstream is typically enough to eliminate hangover symptoms. In severe cases, our physician may prescribe both anti-naseau and anti-inflammatory medications to be included in our standard IV Hangover Blaster therapy.


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